Best Sets Series: Kaskade


In any artists’ dedicated fan group, you’ll come across a discussion about their best performances. We decided we would do the same thing here at EDMTunes and give you the Best Sets for a range of DJs and producers. This series will highlight each artists’ best and most memorable live performances. The ones that really make their career and the ones any fan should know about.


Today we bring you one some of the best moments from one of our favorite artists, in multiple Grammy Award nominee Kaskade. With a career spanning 25+ years, narrowing down some of his best moments was not an easy task. A great number of his best sets can’t be found online. You can rest assured, however, as we were able to track down a good amount. With that being said, lets started.

LA Convention Center 2016

What can easily be claimed as Kaskade’s biggest solo show ever, was his LACC show. This event saw 21,000+ attendees dance the night away to the sounds of the Arkade Records label head. This historical night was reportedly the largest event ever held at the venue, selling out in less than five minutes.

Coachella 2012

2012 was a magical year for dance music and Kaskade alike. Kaskade kicked off his ‘Freaks Of Nature’ tour at Coachella, while absolutely destroying the Sahara Tent in the process.

Coachella 2015

Fast forward to 2015, and you have Kaskade headlining the whole festival. He did this while playing to the largest crowd of any solo artist in Coachella history.

Chicago Redux 2017

Chicago is famously known as the home of house music. It also the hometown of Ryan Raddon, aka Kaskade. Kaskade’s musical roots are in house, which is a bit different than the mainstage EDM vibe he’s more known for now.

This is where is ‘Redux’ sets come into play. Going back to his roots, its only fitting to bless Chicago with a 3+ hour redux set. This event took place at The MID and was a sight to see.

EDC 2010 

2010 was the final year that the Electric Daisy Carnival was held in Los Angeles. Insomniac & Kaskade have had a long-lasting relationship that most DJ’s & Promoters can only dream about. While they didn’t know they would be moving the festival to Las Vegas the next year, its only fitting that Kaskade was there to send the beloved festival on its way.

It should be noted that this took place right as the EDM boom was building up, so it’s neat to see how much Kaskade’s style has (not) really changed that much. A true trendsetter.

Brooklyn Redux 2019

One of the newest entries to make this list is also one of the most important. Kaskade’s Brooklyn Redux set took place at The Mirage. This one is exceptionally noteworthy, as it is also his largest Redux set, to date. As deeper sounds & genres have become more popular in recent times, it is rather neat to see this particular Kaskade flavor be brought to the masses.

Sun Soaked (Long Beach) 7-15-17

Kaskade’s inaugural Sun Soaked Music Festival was a monumental moment in Uncle K’s career. Taking place in Long Beach, CA. Sun Soaked played host to 12,000 attendees and saw acts like SNBRN, & Gryffin plays alongside Kaskade.

In addition to this, fans were given an epic 3-hour Sunset set from Kaskade himself. You can stream Kaskades first 2 of the 3 hour set below.

Ultra Festival Miami (March 28, 2014)

Making his return to Ultra once more, his UMF set was huge. This was because Kaskade was riding the wave of his new album Atmosphere, which has been released the prior September.

That album featured the track ‘Atmosphere‘ for which the album was named for. This was the first track that Ryan used his own vocals for, so its a neat moment in Kaskade history.

 San Diego Redux 2013

Taking place in San Diego, Kaskade brought an exclusive ‘It’s You, It’s MeRedux set to the now-closed Voyeur. This show marked the end of the initial Redux tour, which makes it all the more important.

He played for 3 hours that night, but only uploaded “the best 100 minutes” of that set which you can find below. He also closed out the night by dropping his collab with Deadmau5 titled, ‘I Remember”. This one is seriously worth checking out.

Kaskade b2b Skrillex, Holy Ship 2015

This list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of a surprise Kaskade set. This one was an unannounced b2b set with none other than Skrillex. Taking place aboard Holy Ship 2015, the crew aboard got quite the treat.

In Closing

As I said before, not all of Kaskade’s sets can be found online. These include sets like his EDC 2009 Sunset set, and his legendary 6-hour Open to Close at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, amongst many others.

As of late, Kaskade fans have had a bit of bad luck in trying to catch a set. I say this because of things like the cancelation of his this year’s Sun Soaked. In addition to this, we’ve had to deal with the cancellation of his EDCLV set due to weather conditions.

Regardless, the man has cultivated one of the most loyal fanbases around, and for good reason. He is one of the most consistent artists in the dance world, who can be always be counted on to deliver. With that being said, be sure to check out his official website here, for more information on future shows.

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