Discover Parookaville ‘The City Of Dreams’

Parookaville should be added to all your future festival plans

Taking place every July, along the border with the Netherlands, next to the Airport Weeze in Germany, Parookaville is more than just a music festival. This 11 stage experience attracts more than 80,000 attendees each year & has a lineup to match. 

“It was built as an artistic, free-flowing and mad musical place where people can make contact with their pure selves, experience true connections and feel deep sensation of bliss and fulfillment.” –

Parookaville has sold out well in advance of the festival start date since its inception in 2015. Featuring a statue of Bill Parooka, the Festival Founder, at the center of ‘City Of Dreams’ the pop-up town has all the amenities & more of a regular town. Upon entering, festival attendees will acquire a Passport & the annual stamp that grants them access to the city. Lovebirds can marry their rave bae at the chapel or send their unruly friend to sit to rot in the town jail. Those feeling a bit lucky can try their hand at the ‘Lottery’ to win great prizes from roller coaster rides to Parookaville Visa.

What makes the festival stand out is its unconventional take on the smaller side stages. The ‘Wacky Shack’ in the town center is literally a Night Club within the festival. A car garage with a dozen washing machines pouring foam on to the crowd makes up the ‘Brain Wash’. Battling the heat waves, festival-goers can take a dip into the 700Sq Meter Bermuda Quadrangle Pool overlooking the Cult Stage.

As most festivals in the Old Continent, Parookaville is no stranger to comfort camping. Featuring accommodations from setting up your own tent or the more luxurious accommodations of the Comfort Zone. Therefore the festival offers every possible amenity to meet all the ravers’ needs.

Referred to as the ‘industrial Tomorrowland’, Parookaville ‘The City Of Dreams’ is Europes hidden festival gem. Hosting one of the most diverse lineups in Europe. Including many artists not normally seen in the region such as Jauz, Borgore, & Ghastly to name a few.

Consider Parookaville at the top of your list for future festivals to attend. Combine it with Tomorrowland 2020 for the ultimate European Festival Experience. If all the above has not convinced you, check out the after movie from 2018.