Instagram Rolling Out New Chat Sticker Feature


Instagram is at it again, and this time adding a brand new feature. Instagram is rolling out a new chat sticker feature in stories. This is a brand new component to stories and is changing the way users interact with each other. Furthermore, the exciting new feature will make it easier than ever to start conversations with groups of friends.

With this in mind, the new sticker feature is called “Chat”. Instagram rolling out this new chat sticker is brand new territory. While there hasn’t been a feature like it, it will allow anyone looking at a story to request to join an Instagram DM group. The DM group will be tied to the story. In order access the group, the original poster will then be able to approve requests of who can join in on the chat or not.

Instagram Rolling New Chat Sticker

With over 500 million active users, Instagram is making big changes this year. Many new improvements and features were presented at this year’s F8 conference. Some of these new features are include:

  • A new camera mode for Instagram stories
  • A donation sticker for stories
  • “Creator Profiles” specifically for influencers
  • Allowing influencers to use “shopping tags” to tag clothing that you can directly buy without leaving the app.
  • Utilizing Spark AR Studio to create your own story filters

Many of these updates and changes as well as testing the possibility of hiding like counts are in store for Instagram. Stay tuned for how Instagram will continue to grow and change in the future.