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Italian Astronaut Will Be Delivering First DJ Set from Space

Electronic dance music is everywhere. It’s on our phones, it’s in commercials, and it’s in festivals with thousands of people. Well, soon it will be somewhere far, far away. That’s right, outer-space. Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano will be delivering the first ever DJ set from space. Forbes is reporting the out of this world set will be taking place on August 13.

Indeed this other worldly event is a result of a huge partnership. The partnership includes the European Space Agency (ESA) and BigCityBeats‘ World Club Dome series. Furthermore, the series has been featuring top notch stars such as Armin van Buuren, Jason Derulo, Steve Aoki and David Guetta. Inaugurating with a crowd of 55,000 the shows have been massive. Bernd Breiter, CEO of BigCityBeats explains his feelings regarding the exciting initiative:

World Club Dome series

“I feel that the fusion of music entertainment and space exploration, between ESA and BigCityBeats, joins two very different concepts into a single theme, something that is so universal that everyone understands it.”

Certainly uniting people through dance music is one thing, taking that music to space is next level. With this in mind, Parmitano of the European Astronaut Corps began studying the art of DJing. WCD resident DJ Le Shuuk offered his hand in providing how to best deliver the set.

All in all, stay tuned for August 13th. The space set will be streamed to thousands of clubbers on the WCD Cruise Edition in Ibiza. Moving forward, let’s see what this exciting partnership has in store for space, and beyond.

Astronaut Delivering DJ Space
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