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Jauz – Don’t Leave Me

Jauz just made a big splash with his latest track, ‘Don’t Leave Me’. This is the first taste from his upcoming compilation on July 26, Jauz Presents: This Is Off The Deep End.

‘Don’t Leave Me’ has a vibey rhythm, and maintains a steady pace throughout. There are moments when the track picks up, but there is an absence of any large, heavier drops that Jauz commonly incorporates. This new sound is inviting, and showcases Jauz’s versatility as a DJ and producer.

This year, we have seen a plethora of artists striving to push the boundaries on their “signature” sounds. This desire for experimentation is received extremely well from some fans, and not so well from others. Regardless, Jauz stood by his track, and said he would “rather make a song you LOVE or HATE than just feel ‘whatever’ about.

Jauz announced Jauz Presents: Off The Deep End in early June, and stated that his tracks will showcase the “deeper, techier side of the Jauz project“. He also made it clear that this will be the start to a new musical journey for him.

Stay tuned for the premiere of Off The Deep End, and check out ‘Don’t Leave Me’ down below!

Audrey Allen
San Diego, California ?
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