Madeon Announces New Single Next Week


Madeon‘s Good Faith Era continues as he announces a new single set for release next week. The artist took to social media wishing his fans a happy 4th of July while making the announcement. Looking forward for what’s to come, this will be the follow up to his magnetic ‘All My Friends‘ track.

Hugo ‘Madeon’ Leclercq recently called upon his fans and creative people to partake in a Good Faith project. This was pleasant as people have the opportunity to get involved in this era in some capacity. As a result, fans draw a closer connection towards the artist as the project builds further. Continuing his expansion of ideas toward the year, Madeon announced his live tour which kick off in a few European countries. From there, he will take the show to North America starting October 30, going as far as mid December.

With all that in mind, the artist has made a couple of appearances to discuss his new creative direction. For the first, he appeared on SiriusXM‘s radio show to talk about the project and ‘All My Friends’. From there, he had a more encompassing interview with Billboard which can be found here. Within it, he talks about his aspirations to build what feels like an existent life in his music rather than a force of fiction. If his first single off this era is of any indication, he seems to be taking a steadfast approach towards that vision. As a result, he immersed his life in everything regarding what he wants this era to be as he lives within it.