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Okeechobee Music and & Arts Festival Gets An Update for 2020

Earlier this week, the decision on dates for Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival has been reached. News of this update comes to us from The Festival Owl. OMF is now going to be held on either the 1st of 3rd weekend of March 2020.

The change had to come because the event’s original date for the 2nd weekend of Marc conflicted with another. In a hearing by the OCCA, the county commissioner has confirmed that weekend will belong to the Speckled Perch festival and Rodeo.

Insomniac did not attend the commissioner meeting; the rodeo association was contacted by OMF beforehand. At this time, OMF has not made a final decision on which of the two weekends they will take.

Attendees via Facebook are commenting with support on this notion. It is good to keep locals happy. We know all too well how long and difficult even some venue changes are. Both parties sorted things out civilly so that everybody wins.

And Now We Wait…

For the past three years, 100,000 strangers flocked around the world came together to Sunshine Grove in Okeechobee, Florida. It is a place to live, laugh, listen, sing, dance, learn, create, meditate, and eat & drink. Many explore, give back, embrace, and live OMF’s mantra: to Be, Here, Now. That is love a music festival creates.

OMF has built a tight knit community of fans, attendees, musicians, artists and staff over the years. Multi-genre music, immersive art and transformative events fill this 4-day surreal experience. Explore the deep heart of Florida’s wilderness. Indulge in a gathering of all walks of life where music is the tie that binds all, with magic and mystery from dusk til dawn.

The portal has not opened yet for tickets, though Okeechobeeings are surely waiting. Keep checking back for more updates, as we support OMF!

Nina Chiang
Music and dance feed my soul
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