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Pasquale Rotella: A Look Back At How The Festival Movement Started In America

It’s been 25 years since Insomniac Events CEO/Founder Pasquale Rotella started his company. In October 1993, one reason made him bring back the most iconic happenings of that time: the underground scene. To this day, his mission has been to bring it back to life.

Rotella fell in love with the scene as he attended weekly underground events. As those parties stopped, he knew it was time for someone to step up and take over.

Now, he is the undisputed leader of American dance music. With an office in Beverly Hills, Insomniac Events continues to grow. EDM hasn’t been a commercial force in over three years, but he changed all of that.

Rotella Tells All

Pasquale throws festivals for the same exact reason he had them all those years ago. Going back to the early 2000s, Nocturnal Wonderland drew in more than 40,000 fans. Walking around EDC Vegas now and back then, your experience would be the same, if not more enhanced today. Rotella believes his success in such a tenured EDM scene is his artists. The joy he sees in watching young talent–like Alison Wonderland–rise with his platform is what pushes him forward.

In this interview with Forbes, Pasquale notes his challenges, approaches to events, and reasons behind his movement. Internally, the challenge is to be entertained. Creating multiple festivals with the latest technology, art, new music, and ideas will tap into new energy and culture.

He’s created parties out of all different genres of music from house, techno, trance, bass, you name it. Unique and unlike anything else, he does this for everyone. As fans of the culture and music, we help him grow his lifeblood.

“The music right now is the best it’s been in many years. I’m loving it.” -Pasquale Rotella¬†

Always working towards a better event, Rotella draws inspiration from other festivals when he isn’t working. His dedication and passion for the industry make him the greatest pioneer of the festival moment in America.

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