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PRYDA 15 Vol II To Be Released August 2nd

Back in April of this year, the very well known Eric Prydz gave us the news we were all hoping for. To celebrate the upcoming anniversary of his alias, PRYDA, the producer announced he would be releasing PR(15)DA. The 15 track EP is being released in three parts.

At the end of June, Vol I hit the streaming platforms across the world. All six tracks were released containing the unique and recognizable Pryda snare.

Understandably, fans were anxious to hear about the next release.

According to Twitter, Eric expressed that there were a few hiccups with Volume II’s release:

Thankfully, though, it is arriving shortly! New Music Friday is going to be a great one on August 2nd, thanks for Mr. Eric Sheridan Prydz.

Before its release at the end of this week, make sure to listen to part 1 of 3 on Spotify!

Katie Steensma
Katie Steensma
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