Revised Ultra Bayfront Proposal Makes Major Changes


We thought things would all be settled for Ultra Music Festival in June. Spirits were sky high and the fans were excited to get out and support Ultra’s return to Bayfront. They took off work and arrived at the Miami City Council meeting at 9am to voice their support. Then the council let them wait, and wait and wait. Finally, after letting the entire day go by, the City Council announced they were tabling the idea for a month while lambasting the plan as written. They raised serious concerns about sound levels and meeting more demands of the local condo owners. Now the revised proposal is caving to some of those demands.

Tuesday night a revised Resolution for Ultra to Return to Bayfront Park was posted ahead of the July 25 meeting. In a move that will upset patrons but probably lead to a last-minute approval, the proposal makes key concessions.

  • Ultra can take place any weekend in March, which is important now that Okeechobee Music Festival is back and we’re not sure which weekend it will be.
  • Sunday will end at 10PM – this is the biggest and probably the toughest change.
  • The fee remains $2 million and now Ultra also has to pay fire/police in addition to that
  • There is a total of 28 days for load in and load out. Park must be repaired and ready for re-opening to public by June 1.
  • Bayfront can only be completely closed to the public for 11 days
  • Agreement can be terminated by City Manager at will
  • Agreement can also be terminated “for cause”
  • The deal can be terminated by the City at least 305 days prior to next event.
  • Sound limit reduced from 110 decibels to 104 decibels measured 60 feet away from each stage.

You can read the full deal below and get ready for the final showdown which takes place on July 25.