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RITUAL – Using (MEDUZA Remix)

London based trio, RITUAL, released their single ‘Using‘ earlier this month. It’s a melodic pop track filled with captivating hooks. Out now is MEDUZA’s killer deep house remix of their tune.

If you’ve ever heard the original, the track starts off slow. Gerard O’Connell sings and goes back and forth with Emily Warren’s soft, angelic voice. Singing together near the end, it’s an emotional anthem.

How do you take a powerfully, moving piece and turn it into something energetic? You give it a mesmerizing bass line, for instance. In this remix comes a deep, dizzying, and strong one. The vocals become echos and the melody takes over. This melancholy anthem now becomes a breaking dance floor sensation. Feel that emotion as you dance to this one.

MEDUZA hails from Milan and have been providing us with energetic, melodic house remixes. Made up of Mattia, Luca, and Simone, this trio is one to be on the lookout for. With a mellow, yet catchy sound design, they are proving to be explosive in the deep house scene. Their famous single ‘Piece Of Your Heart‘ has been circulating and is quite the banger.

As they continue to build their brand and rework some pieces, keep an eye open for their future stuff. Exciting new things are coming our way. Their love for french house and progressive moods of the 90s and early 00s is something we can get onboard with.

RITUAL is an up-and-coming group and has worked with Dua Lipa, Avicii and countless other artists. Their innate sense for music is what catches their audience’s attention worldwide. As a bonafide pop group, we are excited to see what else they have in store.

Take a listen to the remix and let us know what you think! For the original, you can listen to that here.

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