Samsung CEO Admits Galaxy Fold Launch Was Rushed And ‘Embarrassing’


Does anyone still hold hope for the Galaxy Fold? It’s safe to say that the Fold was rushed to be the first foldable phone on the market. Originally, the revolutionary smartphone was planned to launch in April of this year. It’s now July and many are wondering if the Fold will even make a reappearance before Christmas!

According to The Independent, in a recent press meeting, Samsung CEO DJ Koh expressed his frustration regarding the Fold. He even went on to describe the launch as ’embarrassing’, admitting the device was rushed to the public without sufficient testing. Koh commented, “I pushed it through before it was ready”. The race to achieve a first-of-its-kind foldable phone has been taken on by competitors like Huawei.

“The last couple of weeks I think we defined all of the issues and all of the problems we couldn’t find…”

With an acknowledgment of the past and what went wrong, Koh says further testing on the Fold is in progress. Apparently, there are more than 2,000 devices being tested at the moment, addressing major issues. If Samsung is able to address the flimsy plastic screen protector and how debris found a way under the screen, it may be worth the hefty price.

With millions of dollars put into the production and design of the Fold, don’t expect this team to give up. If anything, Samsung will learn from this mistake and carry it with them for future devices. If they can successfully clean up the device, many customers who canceled their reservations, may end up changing their minds.

Keep your eyes peeled for a relaunch date for the Galaxy Fold, likely held at the end of summer.