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Soundcloud Invites Abandoned Spotify Artists To Join Its Distribution Service

Soundcloud is here to save the day for indie artists who will soon be abandoned by Spotify. Spotify’s recent beta feature, “Spotify for Artists”, allowed independent artists to upload their music directly to Spotify. However, the program is shutting down this month. Many unsigned indie artists are now being forced to relocate in less than 30 days. But fear not! Soundcloud’s recent acquisition of distribution company Repost Network will offer a new, invite-only frontier for artists.

“The acquisition of Repost Network will meaningfully move SoundCloud forward as we build the most comprehensive set of tools to help creators build their careers. We welcome the Repost Network team to SoundCloud and are excited about what we will build together.”

SoundCloud Press Release

Why Spotify is Bidding Farewell to Indie Artists

In a recent blog post, Spotify explained that they can help migrate artist’s music to other distributors by the end of this month. While that may seem like a breeze for Spotify to say, it’s very discomforting for indie artists to potentially lose metadata and play counts they’ve gathered on their songs as the music is transferred over “seamlessly.” This migration also plans to focus only on top artists, introduce more fees, and boot artists who don’t qualify.

SoundCloud’s Repost Network

Recognized internationally as an open audio streaming platform, SoundCloud will deploy Repost Network to abandoned artists. Repost Network will be invite-only and help artists make the money they deserve.

Repost, an invite-only distribution service offering distribution, content protection and marketing to its thousands of clients, creators have the opportunity to build their careers on their own terms with maximum flexibility based on where they are in their career.”

Jeff Ponchick, VP of SoundCloud’s Repost Network
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