Steve Angello Calls Out Swedish House Mafia Hater


As Swedish House Mafia brings their love around the world one country at a time, there’s bound to be haters along the way. When one reaches the top of their craft, emotions are high and jealousy is all too common. While many times, ignoring hateful and selfish comments is the right thing to do, sometimes it’s best to stand up and put people in their place.

Recently, Steve Angello made his stand after a fellow producer called the group ‘moneymakers’ on Instagram. The impatient artist left the one lined jab on one of Swedish House Mafia’s most recent post on Instagram. What the producer didn’t expect next, was an actual reply from the top. Rather than deleting the comment or blocking the producer, Angello left a stern yet respectful reply will all the facts.

“I don’t like throwing stuff out there to fall into the same folder as most fast-food thinking artists.”

In his reply, Angello quickly set the differences between SHM and a ‘moneytaking’ group. Steve perfectly explained his point stating, “You rather want music released just for the sake of music being released than something that we work our asses off and something we put extreme perfection into…” Again, Steve, Axwell, and Sebastian, all have a shared concept of quality over quantity.

It makes sense; there are plenty of artists who release song after song, hoping to make a quick buck. On the contrary, Swedish House Mafia have been very selective with their tour, advertising, and merchandise. If we want to hear more songs like Greyhound, One, and Don’t You Worry Child, it will take time and patience. Instead of demanding for music and more tour stops, we should all take a step back and be thankful that Swedish House Mafia is back again.

Read Steve’s full reply below:

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