Swedish House Mafia Announce Yet Again, More Merch

Foto: Eskil J. Nielsen-Ferreira

With weekend 2 of Tomorrowland in full swing, the Swedish House Mafia are busy with more merchandise at a new pop-up store in Ibiza. Taking place before their Ushuaia gathering, the pop-up shop will be held in a futuristic yet simplistic warehouse, currently owned by the menswear store Antonioli. Luckily, the warehouse is a short 10-minute drive from the Ushuaia Beach Hotel. Here, fans can get their hands on official SHM Merch to wear before their Ibiza comeback.

Photos shared on the SHM Instagram story show off a variety of new and older styled merchandise up for sale. Besides the ‘Family’ designed clothing, those at the shop can purchase limited edition ‘Ibiza’, ‘Fish Shack’, and ‘Ushuaia’ inspired gear as well. Still, the overly simplistic design doesn’t seem to align with the hefty price tag.

When the pop-up shop was first announced on Instagram, the comments section was disabled, likely to hide backlash. Those on Reddit were frustrated but not surprised that SHM’s surprise was yet again more merchandise. Many shared their frustration that the boys are no longer transparent or vocal with their fans. In fact, there seems to be more time spent on merchandise, then actual live performances. With more than enough canceled shows, all fans want and deserve, is an honest explanation for the dropped shows.

After their Ushuaia gig tonight, SHM has five more stops left on their 2019 schedule. Until then, let us know your thoughts on the SHM’s transparency.