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Swedish House Mafia Never Cancelled, According To Steve Angello

Update: There is discussion now that the screenshots used as evidence in the original post were faked. We have not been able to verify one way or the other.

We have Reddit to thank for a lot of breaking news in the electronic music world. On the Reddit page r/Tomorrowland, a user shared a screenshot of a message exchange he shared with Steve Angello from Swedish House Mafia.

Fans have anticipated for months that Swedish House Mafia will not only be playing Tomorrowland this year but also closing out the festival. Shockingly, Swedish House Mafia will not be according to the lineup just released. The Reddit user asks Angello about the fact that Swedish House Mafia will not be playing Tomorrowland, which has been a hot topic of conversation for months.

The exchange is in Swedish, but the user has translated it to English in the comments. Check out the English screenshots of the comments below.

Here is the link to the screenshots of the direct messages in Swedish:

Something to keep in mind is that the lineups and sets for Tomorrowland Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 will likely differ. It could be entirely possible that SHM will be on the Weekend 2 lineup, and potentially closing out the entire festival. If this is the case, this would speak to comments that were made last year to a Dutch newspaper. SHM said that they would play Tomorrowland 2019 “by any means necessary“.

Fans are upset, particularly with the teasers that been rampant on social media. The most *obvious* teaser, or so fans thought, is SHM’s signature three dots which have appeared all over Tomorrowland marketing. Since the reemergence of SHM, fans are paying extra close attention.

Stay tuned for more updates on this matter. To check out more specifics on Tomorrowland, click here.

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