The Symphony of Unity Returns to Tomorrowland


Tomorrowland is in a few weeks, but its sweet melodies are already reaching us. A final name was announced on social media today – one that is not unfamiliar and far from forgotten. 4 years after its first performance, the ‘Symphony of Unity‘ returns to Boom, in Belgium. It will play both Sundays on the Freedom Stage.

In 2014, world-famous composer Hans Zimmer was commissioned to write a classical anthem for the music festival. In a daring crossover between electronic music and an 80-strong orchestra, the German gifted us with the ‘Tomorrowland Hymn‘. It was first performed at the festival the following year. For its 10th anniversary themed the Kingdom of Melodia, the National Orchestra of Belgium directed by Stefan Blunier played the ‘Symphony of Unity‘ on stage.

The orchestra’s performance was mesmerizing for the audience, as the score swayed from familiar tune to the next. The brass and stringed instruments added to the magic of Tomorrowland, while the pounding of the percussions rivaled even the deepest bass.

This Symphony pays homage to one of Tomorrowland‘s and music’s greatest values: that of Unity. Once again, it will transcend genres and artistic frontiers. As Zimmer himself said, this is bridging both cultures and histories, from the majesty of a classical orchestra to the youth of electronic music.

Symphony of Unity

The Symphony of Unity rises once again to celebrate 15 years of Tomorrowland. The most iconic tracks in the history of Tomorrowland on both Sundays in the Freedom Stage.

Posted by Tomorrowland on Monday, July 1, 2019