Tomorrowland Reveals New Stages for 2019 Festival


Tomorrowland 2019 is under construction and though we can’t reveal the magic to you yet, Tomorrowland has just revealed a bunch of big changes for 2019. This morning Tomorrowland released its set times online and updated its phone apps, and in the schedules, a host of new stages were revealed.

Internet sleuths have had some hints of this, but now it is official. So let’s go one by one through the new changes. Start off by looking at last year’s map.

Tomorrowland 2018 Map

1Freedom Enlarged for Holosphere

One of Tomorrowland’s most beloved stages, Freedom, is being tweaked this year. It was recently revealed that the stage had to be slightly reconfigured to fit Eric Prydz’ massive Holosphere structure inside. We’re told the stage is actually getting taller to fit the sphere, however we’re not sure if that means the interior setup will change as well. Based on the Verge piece showing off the sphere setup, we think the entire DJ booth area and LED wall could be changed.

2House of Masks Becomes Casa Corona

Looking at last year’s map, our first change is at Stage 2. The Cubanisto House of Masks stage is being replaced by the Casa Corona. We’re not sure what that will entail, but for what it’s worth Corona is 1000x better than Cubanisto. If this means Corona will be readily available at the festival we’re psyched.

3Q-Dance Gets a Dedicated Stage

Defqon 1 2019 UV Stage

The Theatre Formidable 360 stage is being replaced after only one year. Last year, this Amicorum Spectaculum stage debuted to mixed reaction. Now it’s being replaced by a stage known only as Q-Dance. That means it will no longer share its time with non-hardstyle DJs, and can let its freak flag fly. Tomorrowland says that the stage will feature a sword that stands 131 feet high! Hearing that, we think it might just be this stage coming directly from the recent Defqon 1 festival.

4L’Orangerie Comes Down From the Mountains

L’Orangerie Stage

Tomorrowland is bringing one of its Tomorrowland Winter stages to Belgium. L’Orangerie as it is known, is designed to look like a greenhouse and will replace the floating Arch stage from last year. The Arch had previously been a Q-Dance stage and had been a staple for several years. We just hope they pump some serious AC in there because this stage is fully enclosed, but has a transparent roof to let in all that sun.

5The Tulip Becomes Kara Savi

RIP Tulip

One of Tomorrowland’s longest running stages is finally getting a replacement. The Tulip stage has been at Tomorrowland for something like 5 years now, and it’s one of the smaller stages. We have no idea what Kara Savi is, but Tomorrowland says it will bring a touch of last year’s Planaxis theme. It will feature white and gold while standing 55 feet tall.

6Tomorrowland Winter Mainstage Comes to Belgium

Tomorrowland Winter Mainstage

L’Orangerie is not the only piece of Tomorrowland Winter to come to Belgium. Yes, the Tomorrowland Winter Lotus mainstage is coming as well. The Winter theme was Hymn of the Frozen Lotus and now the Organ of Harmony will be replaced by the Lotus stage. However, the Lotus stage will be altered a bit from its original version to accommodate live acts such as bands or non-DJs. Our guess is that the center piece will be altered a bit, but the gist of the design will remain.

7Book of Wisdom Returns

You already knew this but Tomorrowland will feature a brand new mainstage which re-interprets the 2012 Book of Wisdom theme. Our guess is that the stage will incorporate scenes from the trailer, such as a library, and also aspects of the past stages. Tomorrowland tells us that the mainstage will be 26 meters tall and 132 meters wide, which puts it at almost the exact same dimensions as the Planaxis stage. The mainstage takes a month to build and has been in the works since September!