WATCH: Oliver Heldens Performs Soaring Set Atop Toronto’s CN Tower


Oliver Heldens Performs Set Live From Toronto’s CN Tower

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an influx of DJ sets taking place from rather peculiar places. We’ve seen Paul Oakenfold perform at Stonehenge, a nightclub in an airplane, and even a rave in zero gravity. Now, Oliver Heldens can be added to this zany list. This is due to the fact that he recently took his talents to Toronto‘s CN Tower.

Taking place 553.3 meters above the city of Toronto, Oliver Heldens brought the heat to “The Six”. The event took place thanks to DJ Mag and was produced in partnership with the Miller Brewing Company.

His set lasted 1:22:35, so it easily beats most of his festival sets in duration. It’s rather neat to see Heldens play for so long, as its no longer the norm in the modern-day & age. Having said that, he played a good amount of music we wouldn’t have expected.

One such track was ‘Le Freak‘ by Chic. Aside from this, he played all of his hits, some new material, as well as some of the hotter tracks currently out. If you’re a fan of Oliver Heldens, this is a set that you do not want to miss.

Location, Location

Moving forward it will be interesting to see if DJ Mag continues this trend of DJ Sets in strange destinations. Hopefully, others will follow suit. With that being said, be sure to check out the soon to be DJ Set taking place in space. While you’re at it, check out the set from Hot Since 82 that is going to go down at Kings Landing. The funny thing is, is that this isn’t even the end of it.

There are literally whole organizations built revolving around this very concept. As time goes on, it will be neat to see what locations will be next. For now, tune in to Oliver’s epic set 1,815.3 ft above Toronto. You can find this below, enjoy.