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[WATCH] Salvatore Ganacci Raises The Bar at Tomorrowland’s Mainstage

When asked who had one of the most memorable sets at Tomorrowland this year, which artists comes to mind first? Those that were lucky enough to see Salvatore Ganacci’s MainStage appearance, might just nominate him. Much the same as his previous Tomorrowland sets, Ganacci didn’t hold back his crazy, yet beloved sense of humor.

Right out of the gates, Salvatore became one with the audience as he literally stood out in the crowd as his own intro was playing. Similar to last year, his introduction featured a narrator that was highly critical of Salvatore himself. Initially, the male narrator was serious and upbeat but then took a turn when realizing who was up next. He went on to call Salvatore a ‘circus performer’, stating ‘this would be the end of Salvatore Ganacci’.

What fans didn’t expect, was to have Ganacci himself travel from the crowd, up to the DJ booth. After taking the time to shout and boo his own performance, who knew what else the legend had up his sleeve. From here, Salvatore energized the crowd, not holding back his intense and iconic dance moves.

Despite the rainy weather, Salvatore made his performance fun and random. Everyone can agree after watching him up on stage (or in the crowd), that he enjoys what he’s doing and loves poking fun at his haters. Still, what will he come up with next year to top this? Could we see him parachute into the festival or maybe even bring people from the audience up on stage with him? We’ll just have to wait and see, as it’s impossible to stay ahead and predict what he’ll do next.

For now, be sure to watch Salvatore Ganacci’s intro below! His full set should be added to YouTube on Tomorrowland’s official channel within the next couple of days.

Salvatore Ganacci Tomorrowland 2019 – Intro

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