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Wolfgang Gartner Brings Joey Youngman Alias Back With ‘So Thankful’ Remix

Wolfgang Gartner tugs on his house roots through a remix of Bobby D’Ambrosio‘s ‘So Thankful‘ under his ‘Joey Youngman‘ alias. The alias happens to be the artist’s real name and exists to feed his soul. Wolfgang has always been present through many shifts in electronic music sphere, so it’s interesting seeing him pull backwards into what he grew up on.

Gartner took to Twitter to announce the remix’s release:

Joey’s remix sounds like a soulful ode to the genre towards which he seems adamantly passionate. Combining a soulful essence with groovy house breakdowns, ‘So Thankful’ kicks off with a grabbing vocal. Onward, the soft synth blips control the underlying melody, which combines smoothly with the remainder of the production. Overall, the track places emphasis on the mood and feeling and certainly doesn’t fail to deliver.

As the producer delves deeper into the year, we might be hearing more productions released under his aliases. Furthermore reverting focus to his primary project, Wolfgang Gartner released ‘28 Grams‘ and ‘Ectoplasm‘ earlier this year. These tracks arrived soon-after the release of the Medicine EP, which he produced.

Keep your eyes peeled onto the artist’s website for tour dates linked here. For the time being, take the time to play the Joey Youngman remix of ‘So Thankful’.

So Thankful (Joey Youngman Remix) – Bobby D’Ambrosio

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