Authorities Demand 10 Mile Wall Around Burning Man


The leave-no-trace, art, and radio acceptance event has finally begun! While the attendees are off enjoying the experience with not much cell service, some news about the next chapter of Burning Man have emerged.

Since Burning Man began in 1986, not many changes have happened to the festival besides the location, art, and attendance numbers. However, the Burning Man Project (the organizers of the festival) will have to do some work in order to receive a permit to host the next 10 years in the Nevada desert.

In order to obtain the permit, the Nevada’s Bureau of Land Management must analyze the environmental, economic, and social impacts the event has on the surrounding areas.

BLM have proposed setting up a 10-mile concrete barrier to “enhance site security, define the event site, and prevent windblown trash from leaving the site.” If passed, the barrier will be paid for by Burning Man organizers. They estimate that it will cost $20 million dollars each year. As a result, many believe the ticket prices will increase and capacity will increase 20,000.

The organizers have refuted that the wall is in “direct conflict with our community’s core principles.” Additionally, it will “forever negatively change the fabric of the Burning Man event, if not outright kill it.

It’s easy to understand both opinions of the situation. Ultimately, safety and fairness to the attendees is a priority. Although, now in its 34-year of the event, it’s hard to gain understanding to the possible changes to the valued mission of the popular arts event.

While we await more information to emerge, be ready for the influx of social media posts about to hit your timeline!