Afrojack Drops Epic Big Room Tune, ‘Bass Is Kicking’


Afrojack – Bass Is Kicking

A few months back, Afrojack tweeted about his distaste of everyone making ‘100 BPM Pop Stuff‘. He also stated how he was pretty sure we don’t go to festival’s to hear ‘the radio edit of a radio record’. To this statement, I say, ‘true’. He then tweeted saying he was going to bring back ‘Big Hard Simple Drops‘, amongst other things. Well, it turns out he wasn’t lying, as he’s done just that. His new track, titled ‘Bass Is Kicking’ is an epic big room tune, with a big, hard, simple drop.

Bass Is Kicking

Bass Is Kicking’ starts off quick with a quick bass stab, a snare, and some percussion. We immediately get a snare build and at 30 seconds in, we get the first drop. This track reminds me a lot of the early ‘dirty dutch‘ days, just with a big room twist. If you’re a fan of Afrojack’s early work you might recognize some of the sound design, as its a callback to his older music.

There is a point in the track, that reminds me of Chuckie’s ‘Let The Bass Kick‘, which may very well of been inspiration for this track. The titles are kind of similar. Regardless, if your a fan of big room, dirty dutch, or artists like Afrojack & Chuckie, then this track is definitely for you. All in all, if this is the direction that the Afrojack music train is going in, I hope more artists follow suit. To that, I say “all aboard“.

With a run time of only 2 minutes, this is definitely one that you can expect to play on repeat. You should plan on hearing this at your nearest festival. Afrojack‘s new track, ‘Bass Is Kicking’ is out now on Wall Recordings. The music video and track can both be streamed below, enjoy!

Afrojack – Bass Is Kicking | STREAM