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ANNA & Kittin Collaborate On ‘Forever Ravers’

Dawning before us at the horizon of upcoming music, Brazillian techno mastermind Anna and Kittin are collaborating to bring us ‘Forever Ravers.’ An accolade to raving, this tune will be out on August 30th under Kompakt’s Speicher series. ‘Forever Ravers’ is an ode to the eternal solidarity behind the raving community, combining Anna’s prodigious production skills with Kittin‘s nostalgic ’90s techno vibes.

Since she started DJing at 14 years old, Anna‘s journey has been marked by an unrelenting passion for her craft. On the precipice of modern techno music, Anna has consistently been burgeoning as a rising star. She speaks of her admiration for Kittin, whom she looked up to when she was younger:

” I was a 17-year-old living in the Brazilian countryside at the time watching one of my idols on TV and could never have imagined that one day we would be doing a track together. Life is so unpredictable and this is a beautiful gift that music gave me.”


Kittin, formerly known as Miss Kittin, is a French producer and DJ who has risen to prominence since 1998. Known for her hits “1982” and “Frank Sinatra,” Kittin has pioneered the sounds of electroclash and new wave ’90s techno. In ‘Forever Ravers,’ Kittin’s vocals preach, “We’re f*** ravers, Techno gender fluid, Dancing till we die,” layering over a massive, pulsating beat.

“This music is about the euphoria we feel when we are on the dancefloor listening to our favorite song and we let it all go; our thoughts, our problems, our frustrations, and become one with the moment. It is about freedom, unity, and acceptance that exists in our dance music community.”


Forever Ravers‘ will also feature Anna’s Raving In Space remix. Be sure to pre-order here.

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