Avicii – Heaven (David Guetta & MORTEN Remix)


It’s been more than a year since EDM Producer/DJ Tim Bergling, known by his stage name ‘Avicii’, passed away. The world mourned the producer’s death and celebrated his life, recognizing Avicii as being one of the artists who took EDM into the global spotlight. The news of Avicii’s family announcing a posthumous album, to be named ‘TIM’, would be released with the help of many producers and close friends brought joy to Avicii fans all over the world. And now, one of the standout tracks, ‘Heaven’, just received a legendary remix.


Avicii’s collaboration with ‘Coldplay’ singer ‘Chris Martin’ titled ‘Heaven’ quickly became a crowd favorite. Chris Martin wrote and recorded it in 2014, and Avicii completed it in 2016. The lyrics, Martin’s voice, and Avicii’s signature melodies along with the talent he had structuring songs turned the track into a masterpiece. ‘Heaven’ reached the #1 spot on Billboard’s Dance/Remix Airplay chart. Naturally, as it happens with every excellent EDM song, many artists have decided to give their own touches and style to ‘Heaven’. Every song on the album now has remixes, bootlegs, and mashups by countless DJs. However, the tribute remix released by French Producer/DJ David Guetta might be the biggest one until now.

Besides Avicii, David Guetta is without a doubt one of the DJs responsible for making EDM a global phenomenon. Now, the French DJ has decided to put his own magic into Avicii’s new album top hit ‘Heaven’ to release his Tribute Remix. Joining forces with Danish DJ/Producer ‘Morten’, Guetta comes up with a unique twist on the Swedish DJ track. The track both combines Avicii’s beautiful melodies with Guetta’s sound. Bringing his unique upbeat sound, Guetta delivers a remix fit for any main stage or big festival. The remix is a tribute to the Swedish DJ from his friend and collaborator.

Here’s the video of David Guetta debuting his ‘Heaven’ Remix at Tomorrowland.


About the remix

David Guetta stated:

“I’ve wanted to do something to honor Avicii for quite a long time, but was waiting for the right moment. After I heard ‘Heaven’ for the first time I was blown away by the sound, the lyrics and the vocals from Chris Martin. What makes it extra special is that Chris Martin has always been a big inspiration with Coldplay for both Tim and myself. That’s why it felt like the right moment for me to make a remix of this track as a tribute to Tim.
“I proposed it to the family and luckily they liked the idea. Together with my friend MORTEN I created this remix and I’m really proud of the end result. I think it’s amazing we can keep his legacy and his beautiful melodies alive like this, because he inspired so many people with it, including myself.”

‘Heaven’ (David Guetta & Morten Tribute Remix) is the first Avicii/Guetta collaboration since the two produced “Sunshine” in 2011 and received a Grammy nomination for their work.

Stream David Guetta’s ‘Heaven’ Tribute Remix below.

Watch ‘Heaven’s’ Official Tribute Video here