Bass Canyon Fan Breaks Through & Security Rail to Hug Sullivan King


Any frequent festival-goer knows that the rail is the place to be, being able to get a close view of your favorite artists throwing down. But for one fan at Bass Canyon Music Festival, the rail just wasn’t close enough.

During Sullivan King‘s set on Saturday night, a fan somehow managed to defy the obstacles of security. He broke through the rail, dodged past safety officials, and jumped on stage. In a short clip, he can be seen walking right past Excision to deliver a big hug to Sullivan King.

Although the incident wasn’t long, it sure was an irregular experience for the producers. They can be seen laughing with “utter confusion” during the aftermath. We’re just glad this encounter was short, sweet, and caught on video.

“Love you guys but y’all are wild,” Sullivan tweeted. After this surprise gesture, it’s no secret that we love the guitar god back.