Check Out Steve Angello´s Funny Reaction to Carnage´s New Track


Footage of Steve Angello reacting to Carnage´s new track has seen the light. Thanks to this Reddit video, we can appreciate how the member of Swedish House Mafia feels the vibe of the track.

The Swedish DJ/producer has been having some trouble lately, calling out SHM haters and replying to the rumors regarding Swedish House Mafia show at Tomorrowland. In addition to this, we can find Steve Angello listening to a new track that he does not appear to be enjoying as he nods with his head and dances with the machine gun moves.

The track of the video has a strong kick and a very powerful drop, a strong bass/dubstep style. Although Carnage has a huge fanbase, it looks like Steve Angello is not part of it, or at least not with this song. Check out the video down below:

Steve not a fan of Carnage’s new track ??? from r/SwedishHouseMafia