Confused about Genres? Check Out Ishkur’s Interactive Guide


Music is a beautiful thing because it unites everyone. There is no right or wrong sound, a person just listens to whatever sounds appealing to them. Although one person might prefer trance, while another prefers techno, both of them could bond over a tech trance show. Tech trance did not just appear over night; it required time and music lovers of both genres to blend the two together to create tech trance.

Sometimes a new sound can be confusing to the listener. With so many emerging artists and styles nowadays, even the biggest music fanatic might not recognize the genre being played. It’s easy to get lost and ask “What genre of music is this?” Well now, you have a helpful resource to guide you.

First started in the early internet days of 2000, Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music has definitely come a long way. Ishkur released Version 3.0 on August 17th, and he has dissected electronic dance music into 166 different genres. Although he has done a good job covering most of the bases, the creator has made it clear that this list is not exhausted, and he is still in the process of updating gaps in his page. As time passes, we will see new sub-genres added as more artists experiment with music and blend genres.

At first glance, the page can look intimidating, but it’s actually quite user-friendly. When zoomed out, you can see the major EDM genres, like trance, house, drum & bass, etc. Zoom in a little bit and the genres get more specific; for example, under trance you will find sub-genres like tech trance, neo trance, etc. There is also a timeline by year, allowing you to track when certain genres emerged. Probably the coolest thing about the interactive guide is that when you click on a specific section, it plays music from the chosen genre and year. Not only is this a helpful guide, but it can also be a different and refreshing way to find new music!

Check it out here!