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Gammer Goes Back to The Roots With ‘This Is The End’

The English producer/DJ, Gammer, is back with a brand new tune titled ‘This Is The End‘. He goes back to his Happy Hardcore roots on this record featuring vocals from the voice of hard dance, David Spekter. In the words of Gammer, this is the most personal song he has ever written. This new record sees its release on Monstercat.

This record starts off with a mellow guitar riff and David Spekter’s vocals. Immediately, the vocals talk about losing something you love, which lays out the theme for the song. Most likely, he is talking about his love for hardcore. He left the UK hardcore scene to follow bass music, but somehow he keeps coming back. As the lyrics say, “this is the end, but it’s not over“. The lead melody is exactly what you’d expect happy hardcore to sound like, ethereal and uplifting. The drop comes in at a fast and powerful 170 BPM, the classic tempo of happy hardcore.

All in all, this record is everything you’d expect from Gammer and more. In addition to David Spekter’s vocals, fans also get the treat of experiencing the “classic” Gammer sound. This record will truly remind fans of what made them fall in love with the hardcore sound. As for new fans, this record will draw you in and make you crave more of the fast and beautiful tempo. You can listen to ‘This Is The End‘ right now here or down below.

Josue Paredes
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