Gareth Emery Is Ending the All-Night Sets


Beloved DJ/Producer, Gareth Emery, is retiring from his All-Night sets. The massive sets go all night, usually going up to 7 hours. These sets have been everywhere from The Shrine in LA, Terminal 5 in New York, Electric Brixton in London, to Echostage in DC. However, Gareth has said that all good things must come to an end, noting that these sets take up a lot of time in preparation. He’d rather use this time to make new music and advance his production.

With that being said, the last OpenXClose show will be held in Portland, Oregon. Although these shows are ending, Gareth Emery plans to keep the vibe alive in his normal sets. He plans on making normal sets more underground and obscure. This means that there will be more unreleased music and surprises.

Pre-registration is now open for the final OpenXClose show here. You can also check out Gareth Emery’s new tune, ‘Laserface 01 (Aperture)‘, here.