Good Times Ahead & Diplo – Milky Cabrera


For the first time since their 2013 smashBoy Oh Boy‘ we have a fresh Good Times Ahead (formerly GTA) and Diplo collab. Due to a lack of leaks, news of the project likely caught bass heads off guard this past Wednesday. After a 7-year wait, anticipation for new material is waning, to say the least. So, a quick turnaround from announcement to release seems like the right move. Likewise, adding their new track ‘Milky Cabrera‘ to your collection is the right move too.

It should come as no surprise that Good Times Ahead is back with some new flavor for your ears. The energetic duo can’t seem to sit still this year. Every month lately it seems like they’re dropping something fresh. For instance, heads are still banging to their June release, ‘FK IT.’ Then, before you can adjust the neck brace, a ‘J Balvin x Sean Paul – No Contra La Pared‘ remix touches down in July. ‘Milky Cabrera’ is just another chapter in that saga. Although, you may have heard those played live in a set during their Yellow Tour. Diplo’s definitely been active as well. With Global Dance Festival 2019 already under his belt, he’s on to X Games Minneapolis and Imagine Festival next. Expect him to be sporting a cowboy hat, some boots, and chaps along the way.

After 6 long years, GTA and Diplo finally return with some fresh heat on, 'Milky Cabrera.'

Certainly, it feels like too long a wait for ‘Milky Cabrera’ to finally get here. We all endured the disappointment sinking in with each passing year devoid of this obnoxious trio’s productions. On the other hand, that very well may be the best part of the song. Indeed, it feels like they’re picking up right where they left off. The uptempo punch of the frenetic bassline should sound familiar to die-hard GTA fans. Moreover, its cohesion with that signature chopped-up, wonky Diplo sample gyrating all over the beat should bring back memories too. Overall, ‘Milky Cabrera’ proves the three of them haven’t lost their chemistry. Hopefully, there’s more where that comes from.

Grab your copy of ‘Milky Cabrera’ here.