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Here Are 7 Tips On How To Be A Dance Music Star According to Deadmau5’s Manager

We all know Deadmau5 and his dance music success. Longtime manager, Dean Wilson, guided Joel to his worldwide festival lineups. None of that would be so if he hadn’t stayed true to Zimmerman’s personality and artistic vision.

Here are 7 tips, according to Wilson, for all up-and-coming artists and producers on how to be a successful dance music star.

1. Make Music That Leaves An Impression

No magic genie or wand is here to wave or clap and make you an instant star. Your product needs to represent you and your brand. What you want to convey to your audience should leave a profound impression on them. They will want more, because you want them to. In the music industry, it’s all about the music. If it doesn’t connect with you or them, it won’t be good music. Make it so that any label will want it.

2. Develop An Authentic Brand

After the music comes the marketing. Just like the mau5 or i_o (his upcoming prodige), what great look and fit do you have that’s unlike the rest? You can take inspiration from many great others before you, but make it your own personal flavor. Brand, personality, online and social presence, and creative vision — those are all the ingredients needed for a successful brand. Otherwise, you’re just a figure signing a piece of paper at the end of the day.

3. Make A Plan And Execute It Your Way

Where do you see yourself in five years? Quite cliche, but also true. What other artists do you compare to? What festivals do you want to play? Production, labels, new music? How will you achieve all that? Start asking yourselves those questions and create answers to them. If you have a one great hit, continue planning for more. Don’t wait on its success, keep going.

4. Lawyer Up, Consider Things Carefully

Signing deals is a big part of your music career. It can bring you up or throw you down. It determines your salary, marketing, promotions, and practically everything else. Finding a major publisher and deal that makes a good work/life balance could be hard. So get yourself a good music lawyer and listen to them and your managers.

5. Be Prepared, It’s Going to Escalate Quickly

Like Avicii (rest in peace) and so many others, artists play multiple gigs a year. They work on planes, converse on the internet, share ideas, bump into each other at random places. This is how collaborations happen. You meet new people, liken to their personalities, and start cranking new tunes together. Deadmau5 got with Kaskade and Rob Swire outside his studio and look at him now. ‘I Remember‘, ‘Ghosts N Stuff‘, and ‘Monophobia‘ are still classic hits today. Music tech is so advanced, it would be easy.

6. Be Patient

Yes, it is difficult to do. But good things do come to those that take time with their work. Believe in your product, even when no one might not. Be passionate, know you’re doing the right thing and stick to your plan. Managers, keep getting your artist making music, connecting and building their fan base.

7. Play To Your Strengths

Strengths are yours and no one else’s; everyone’s is different. Joel is shy in public, but we can watch him in his studio trying out different rifts for music. That is cool and it is what he is comfortable and strong at. So, no need for a press release.

That’s it!

Nina Chiang
Nina Chiang
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