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Hot Since 82 Opens Up About Devastating Grief That Led To His New Album

Hot Since 82 is a name we know and love in the deep/tech house world. His latest album comes to us through great sorrow, however. In this, he opens up about his traumatic experience with his best friend’s death, its aftermath, and the lessons he’s learned.

About Daley Padley

A jet-setting lifestyle and huge global success from his effervescent performances, Daley Padley had it all. He played and created house and techno sets for big rooms all over the world. Ibiza considers him one of their favorite adopted sons. He built an epic reputation from amazing sets and that is how he found is best friend/traveling companion, Paul Cooper.

Thick as thieves, the duo were inseparable. Cooper actually saved Padley after fainting in the DJ booth. He had a perforated eardrum during a 12 hour set. After Coop’s untimely suicide in May 2017, Daley needed to cope.

A New Album

Through his new album-length collection ‘8Track‘, it reflects and inspires his best friend’s story. Paul was the best friend everyone had. He was always there for Daley. You need someone like that when you work in the rigor of the music industry. They met when Paul resigned from the police force due to mental health issues. As an officer, he saw many traumatic things. But when they met, their friendship became something more.

Hearing about his unexpected death did not go over well. It took Daley eight months to figure out how/why it happened. Two weeks after, he had to kick off his Labyrinth residency in Pacha in Ibiza. He dealt with it by partying, drinking, and isolating himself.

“The happiest-seeming people can be hurting inside. We don’t talk so much, men. We don’t let our feelings be known. And we don’t go to the doctor. But it’s important to speak up. We need to teach people that there is help and that we aren’t a failure if we go and seek it.” – Hot Since 82

Truer words have never been spoken. Daley hasn’t seen the Avicii documentary. Though, we have seen what societal pressure does to an artist. A little hug, word, or smile can save someone’s life. You just need to not be afraid to reach out and comfort someone.

The new album is available for listening below. All proceeds will go to the mental health charity, MIND, for a chance to help others.

8-track | Buy/Stream
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