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[Interview] Breaking News: Jonas Blue’s Favorite Color Is Not Blue

Guy James Robin, aka Jonas Blue, had one hell of a birthday this year. The producer just turned the big 3-0 and has been traveling the world performing for his fans and the biggest crowds..

I was able to catch up with him just after his set at Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 3rd (the beads of sweat were still on his forehead) to chat about, not only his music, but a little bit about who he is outside of music.

The producer has come a long way since his 2015 breakthrough and chart topping cover of ‘Fast Car‘, originally performed by Tracy Chapman in 1988, (uh, hello 736 MILLION plays on Spotify). Since then, he has worked with worldwide names (not sure if you’ve heard to them) such as Liam Payne from One Direction and Rita Ora. He right away began his career touring with names such as Kaskade.

400,00 people attend Lolla these four days. How do you keep your cool before and during your set?

JB – Beforehand I just kind of skim the crowd and I usually try to focus on an individual or small group that catch my eye. The ones I find usually have great energy or, weirdly enough, are smiling at me. I mean, I smile when I’m performing so why not feed off similar energy.

Finding those people in the crowd also help me get a sense for the rest of the people at the particular stage. They help me figure out where I should take my set. I feel not many DJs do that and it’s an important thing to me to continue giving the crowd what they love.

There’s the common saying that DJs just press play. While that may be a myth or true, you make sure you’re genuine in your performances. Tell me about your latest club record.

JB – Yeah! It’s a club record that I dropped a few weeks ago called “I Wanna Dance”. It’s been well received at least when I’m onstage. I’ve got another one of those coming out by the end of the year and another classic Jonas Blue coming out early September. Just like my collaboration with Tiesto and Rita Ora, I’ll be doing another one with someone else soon.

Who will that be with, if I can ask?

JB – A Scandinavian DJ – that’s all I can say. You’ll have to Wikipedia and figure it out!

Will you be doing an album and, if so, will there be a message or theme with it?

JB – I’m not really doing an album, to be honest! I did an album last year and it was really fun and took me a lot of time but I prefer doing singles. My songs have always been the same story which is just positive, happy vibes and trying to make people smile.

There are so many people making sad songs lately. I want to find those emotions but turn them positive.

What is your inspiration for “I Wanna Dance” though?

JB – The record is actually about my ex girlfriend. I would think about the way she danced and come up with the lyrics that way. She does know this, by the way!

Where did the name Jonas Blue originate from?

JB – In 2015, the only big DJs were people like Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Alesso and more. Those guys are English or Scandinavian or something so I picked the shortest Scandinavian name, ‘Jonas’, ‘and I felt like adding color at the end so I went with blue!

Is blue your favorite color?

JB – (Laughs) No, it’s orange. Jonas Orange just didn’t go that well together. *Note he is wearing an orange shirt*

Rapid questions: Spirit animal? Favorite place to travel to and things you can’t live without?

JB – Spirit animal is a lion and Sao Paulo, for sure. I absolutely can’t live without my laptop and my necklace my father gave me years ago.

We’ll wrap up here but how long are you looking to work in the industry?

JB – Looking at David Guetta, not saying he’s old and in fact, he’s looking younger each day, but if he can keep doing it and enjoying it over 50, I would absolutely love to keep going. Getting on stage beats money, sex, anything. Getting on stage is such a thrill. I can’t imagine it becoming old to me.

I thank Guy for the time he spent with me! Also, props to him as we were speaking, ping pong balls from a nearby table were smacking him in the face. He’s innovative, talented, down to Earth, and open to exploring and pushing the boundaries with Jonas Blue and many other artists. Feel free to check out his artist webpage here

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