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iPhone at Risk for Hacks with Previous Update

Apple is one of the biggest mobile phone company with its own unique operating system, iOS. The big technology giant has been a pioneer and paved the way for cellphone technology. Additionally, Apple continuously seeks to improve its software and fix any bugs through patches and updates.

Unexpectedly, Apple recently released an emergency update (iOS 12.4.1) to fix a flaw in its update. The issue that was originally discovered and fixed in iOS 12.3. It would let users running on iOS 12.4 and below 12.3 to “execute arbitrary code with system privileges,” according to Apple. However, iOS 12.4.1 will fix this overseen issue.

iOS 12.4 left iPhones open to being jail-broken. This also meant that phones were vulnerable to getting hacked into. This specific flaw could result in a hacker taking over your device through a malicious web page along with a browser exploit. So all iPhone holders should update their software to ensure maximum security and functionality. This negative press is bad news for Apple as they’re on track to release a new generation of iPhones next month. Although it’s unlikely that this will affect phone sales much.

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Farra Tai
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