iPhone May Use an In-Display Fingerprint Reader in 2021


Now that Apple’s home button is out of the design for future iPhones, is Touch ID a relic of the past? According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the popular security feature may be making a comeback as soon as 2021. The home button will not be included in the comeback but a new in-display sensor will bring Touch ID back to life.

You’re probably thinking, if Apple implements Touch ID, will Face ID be put to rest? While many find Touch ID much easier to work with, Face ID is here to stay for now. 9to5Mac states that Kuo believes both security features will work side by side in the near future. This could give users a nice option based on personal preference. Additionally, if both systems worked together, user data would likely be more secure from potential hackers.

While in-display fingerprint sensors have been around for some time, they do have their drawbacks. Currently, these sensors tend to take up large amounts of space in the device and even worse, consume large amounts of valuable energy. Additionally, many of the phones advertising an in-display sensor, lack a large sensing area on the display. For example, if you didn’t place your finger in the specific sensor area, it would’t register.

Because of these drawbacks, Apple has likely swayed away from rushing to the new technology. Kuo predicts that Apple will likely overcome these issues by 2021, perfecting the in-display sensor, once and for all. Take note, the tech giant filed a patent of their own in 2017 regarding fingerprint sensing technologies. Until then, take a look at what this year’s iPhones may include here!