Italian Astronaut Becomes First Person To DJ In Space

DJ in Space

Luca Parmitano, an Italian astronaut created a new milestone in EDM history. He DJed in space from the International Space Station through a tablet. Parmitano showed off his DJ skills in the zero gravity environment. He played a trance set and even spun upside down.

Parmitano’s set was part of BigCityBeats’ World Club Dome (WCD) series. It was then broadcasted via satellite to WCD’s four-day cruise which was in the Mediterranean Sea near Ibiza at the time.

A video from BBC shows him and passengers on the cruise enjoying this unique set and memorable experience.

According to the video, Luca Parmitano received DJ training beforehand. He wanted to celebrate the common language of music. It’s safe to say this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and won’t be forgotten any time soon.

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