Jauz & DNMO – Thunder


When you decide to name a track ‘Thunder,’ you’re setting pretty high expectations for a heart-shuddering party anthem.  Luckily for bass house fans, Jauz and DNMO deliver just this in their newest banger that was released last Friday. 

The energy of this track is clear from the very start. The artists never let it die with drops so powerful they’re guaranteed to get any crowd moving.  With reggae-inspired vocals that overlay pounding bass, ‘Thunder’ is one of those tracks that repeats itself in your head hours after hearing it in a club or festival. It sure happened to me at Tomorrowland this year.   

To top it off, the track art is a pretty accurate representation of the tune itself with thunderbolts coming out of a stereo system.  Check out this thunderous collaboration between Jauz and DNMO below!