JOYRYDE Drops High Energy Banger – MADDEN



JOYRYDE has been on a roll releasing banger after banger and he hasn’t skipped a beat yet. His latest track under the Owsla label ‘MADDEN‘, is no exception to this rule. With his blend of elements that are found in trap, bass, and hard house, it’s fair to say this track will find its way onto many playlists.


With what seems like a simple kick drum to start things off, quickly cuts over to a soulful sample to snatch your undivided attention. Laying down a melody that follows into an unexpected loud big room boom and a steady build up, JOYRYDE blends hard house and dubstep elements in his very unique trap style and delivers with the first drop of the song at 0:57. Taking the listener’s ears on a ride with a dirty sub and synth combination that he’s known for, JOYRYDE makes it a point to get his listeners on their feet and dancing to his unique sound. Maintaining the energy of the song with snippets of other samples keeps the track interesting and unpredictable, until the break where things slow down a bit giving the listener a chance to catch their breath. Speeding right back up into another drop with a slightly different blend of synth and trap that would get anyone’s head bobbing till the end of the song. Trying to explain this track doesn’t do it any justice like giving this song the listen it deserves would. With a complete run time of 3:47, you’ll be glad to have spent that time filling your ears with this uncontested banger. Keep an ear out for this track because it will certainly be making its way onto Dj’s sets and playlists. ‘MADDEN‘ is out now!