Kotek Drops His Genre Defying EP, Sonoglyph Pt 1

Kotek Sonoglyph Pt 1

Kotek – Sonoglyph Pt 1

Every day new music is dropped by up & coming producers. Today is definitely one those days. Today we bring you a new EP by rising experimental bass producer, Kotek. His EP is titled Sonoglyph Pt 1.

For those of you not familiar with Kotek, he has come to be known for his signature sound coined ‘Industrial Glitchrock‘. After checking out his Facebook page, we learned that Kotek is more than just an Electronic music producer, but also a Drummer, Guitarist, and Vocalist. After listening to ‘Sonoglyph Pt 1‘ it is evident that he’s all that, and more.

Previously, we’ve seen Kotek collaborate with Rezz on ‘Teleportal’ from her album ‘Certain Kind of Magic’. Similarly, he has loads of other official remixes. In addition to this, Kotek has a couple of Splice remix competition wins under his belt, which any aspiring producer can agree is an accolade in itself. Now we get to see him work some magic of his own on Sonoglyph Pt 1.

Sonoglyph Pt 1‘ features four speaker-thumping tracks, with each tune, more dynamic than the last. Having musical roots in Metal and Jazz, it is evident where he gets his musical influences.

The opening track ‘Communication‘ features some Deadmau5-Esque melodies, which are paired with a rather gritty bass. ‘Between The Lines’ is a tune that is out of this world. It features some alien-like sound design, that we can’t help but picture in a sci-fi flick.

UML‘ is one of the more familiar tracks off of the EP. This is because it seems like something you would definitely catch in a Rezz set. ‘Codex’ is perhaps my favorite track off of the EP, as its the stuff that bass stages are absolutely made for. If you’ve yet to give the EP a listen, and are into bass music, I highly recommend that you check it out.

Kotek‘s new EP, ‘Sonoglyph Pt 1‘ is out now on Westwood Recordings, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Kotek – Sonoglyph Pt 1 | STREAM

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