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Mikey Barreneche Releases Dark Techno Smasher ‘SPACE’

Mikey Barreneche is a Miami-based producer/DJ. He has released all genres including hard dance, psy trance, Jersey club and even progressive house. Mikey truly embodies the “no genre barrier” spirit. His latest tune is another surprise to fans all over. This time, he released a dark techno banger titled ‘SPACE‘.

This record immediately starts off with powerful drums and an ominous vocal. The melody, like the title suggests, comes straight from space. It’s ethereal and uplifting, perfect for club settings. After the melody, the second drop comes in with a twist. Mikey Barreneche decided to use a hardstyle and a donk-like kick drum to back up the lead melody. This is truly game-changing, as he is one of the first music producers to do this.

Mikey had this to say about ‘SPACE‘:

Recently, I’ve really been liking dark techno so I wanted to give it a shot and make some of my own with my sounds. I wanted to incorporate my melodic side with the harder sounds to give people one of the hardest techno tracks they will ever hear. I plan to make more of it in the future.”

All in all, this is a breath of fresh air for dance music. If you haven’t heard the name, be on the lookout. Mikey Barreneche is one of the producers to keep your eye on in the coming months. We can’t wait to see what he cooks up next.

You can listen to ‘SPACEhere right now or down below. Let us know what you think of this dark techno smasher.

Mikey Barrenche – Space

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