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Outside Lands Sells Seven Figures Worth of Cannabis

Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco hit groundbreaking numbers this year in more categories than one. The California-based festival topped 90,000 attendees on Saturday alone and sold seven figures worth of cannabis over three-days.

This marked Outside Lands first year allowing attendees to buy and consume cannabis products on festival grounds all within an on-site area named “Grass Lands“. In total there were three designated consumption areas inside festival gates. In addition to the Grass Lands area, cannabis could be consumed at the East Consumption Deck and West Consumption Deck.

Festival goers were able to buy partake in numerous cannabis products sold in Grass Lands. Products from different brands included edibles, pre-rolled joints, vape cartridges and more. One of the more economical choices came from Kiva Confections, which offered two wild berry gummies for $5.

The website SFGATE did the math on how much some of the cannabis products sold would reach the seven figure mark. The website calculated that for one million dollars, a consumer could purchase 400,000 gummies. Comparatively, one million dollars could buy consumers 25,000 vape cartridges of Maui Wowie from the company Bloom Farms.

While the consumption methods were endless, there were restraints on how much someone could purchase in a day. Outside Lands limited patrons to a daily limit of 7 grams of non-concentrated cannabis and 2 grams of concentrated cannabis.

With such a positive response, both from attendees and revenue streams one can guess that Grass Lands will become a regular staple of Outside Lands. Outside Lands will return August 7th – 9th next year, at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California.

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