Seven Lions, Excision, Wooli – Another Me


Two Jeff’s and an Adam!

Holy shit. An unlikely trio that we didn’t know we needed. Seven Lions (Jeff Montavlo), Excision (Jeff Abel), and Adam Puleo (Wooli) have come together to create a late summer track, “Another Me“.

Seven Lions graced our ears with a taste of the song this year at Electric Forest. The next day, or even that same night, attendees quickly uploaded their personal videos of the debut. It only took a few hours for the fans to decipher who partnered with Montavlo for this track.

After many teases that were posted on social media, fans learned of the major artists that were involved. The pioneer of dubstep, Excision, is absolutely recognizable in the second drop. Wooli, also a dubstep DJ, provides his more glitchier dubstep sound throughout the track.

Lending his talents to the song is none other than Dylan Matthew. I’m sure the name is familiar to many of you! Also in 2018, Dylan worked with Dabin, Seven Lions, and Slander on the popular “First Time“. Fans saw the pure talent of the localist in his acoustic take of the sought after track. Wooli has also worked with the producer on his melodic dubstep track, “Island“.

This track is pleasing to both bassheads, melodic dubstep listeners, and vocal-lovers alike. When each artist drops this in their sets, there’s no doubt that it’s going to resonate with the established electricity of the crowd.

In 2018, Jeff M. started the record label. Since then, 12 electronic artists have released work with Seven Lions or released their own singles. “Another Me” already is the 20th single released from the recently created project.