Skrillex Brings You The Green Screen Photoshop Challenge, Go!


We’ve all seen plenty of viral trends over the years from dancing to flipping water bottles, then kicking their tops off too. The Internet is chock full of them and Photoshop challenges are no exception. Skrillex is stepping up to bat as he just posted this amazing image and issuing the challenge.

Captioned “You Could add so much crazy to this green screen”, these magic words sent the world into a frenzy. It’s a promotion photo of him, Ty Dolla $ign and TroyBoi for their upcoming collaboration, ‘Malokera‘.

Here are some excellent responses:

Diplo is looking for the boys.

Wait, Deadmau5 has them on his shoulder.

They’re a classic trio with an amazing hit.

Or a favorite in the desert.

But no matter what, they’ll always be straight up G.

The sky is the limit with this one so everyone get to clicking because we want to see your best mockups! Nothing brings the music community together more than a little fun, right?

This track follows the latest collab titled ‘Warlordz’ with Skrillex and TroyBoi. It has been well received in the past two weeks and has received its own music video. Out now, the single also features MC Lan and Ludmilla. It is a funky, dance piece that really jumpstarts a crowd.

New music is on the horizon from Sonny, he has promised us this and has delivered. Could there be more collaborations with MC Lan? According to Lan, there might be, but we will have to wait before anything can be confirmed.

Filled with colorful filters and flowing with energy driven by dance, check out the music below.