Snails Announces New World Of Slime Tour


VomitSquad rejoice! Snails has announced his upcoming World of Slime tour for 2019. Special guests will include the bad boy of dubstep Rusko, along with Kompany. Additional touring support will feature Al Ross, who recently finished a tour with Black Tiger Sex Machine, as well as Hi I’m Ghost and Jayceeoh.

Snails appears eager to upstage his own last tour, aptly named “The Shell”. The Shell packed over 150k watts of PK Sound, which is more than enough to feel the bass cozied up to your bones. It also featured an impressive laser display that appeared to lurch outward to beckon the crowd, and boasted The Snail, a massive inflatable which can only be seen at his tours.

This time around, Snails is promising a “new Slugz addition” of “super slimy lasers”, which as a 90’s kid, honestly just sound amazing. We also have new music to look forward to along with this tour. At the helm of both of these elements, an all-new The Shell 2.0 holographic stage with new visuals. And of course, we’ll be expecting a cameo from The Snail, of which no details have been released regarding his upgrades.

Delivering belch-y bass, pulverizing 808s and synthesizers tweaked to almost unrecognizable depths since 2012, Snails continues to shake up the dubstep scene with his ground breaking sound and visual tours. This upcoming tour is looking to be the Vomitstep king’s most epic one yet, setting the pace for an even more explosive continued presence in the EDM community.

Phase 1 of pre-sale tickets are currently available with a code here, with more dates TBA in the future. VIP packages are also now available. The tour kicks off November 15th in San Jose, CA.

Don’t forget to grab tickets to experience the sliminess for yourself! You can also check out Snails’ latest track ‘RKO’ (feat Rico Act) below.