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Thomas Gold Remixes Madonna’s 2019 Single ‘I Rise’

I Rise‘ is the first of five promotional songs that feature on Madonna‘s new upcoming album, Madame X. It premiered back in May, followed by a trio of Trace Young remixes. Last week saw an additional six from DJLW, DJ Kue, Offer Nissim, Daybreakers, DJ Irene & The Alliance and Thomas Gold.

The American superstar singer’s original version pays an emotional tribute to contemporary social struggles in the US. Most notably, she sampled a 2018 speech from Emma Gonzales, a Stoneman Douglas Highschool shooting survivor at a rally. The subsequent video clip in partnership with Time Magazine also featured protests from LGBT, Women’s Rights, Black Lives Matter, Freedom of Press and US army veterans movements amongst others.

Thomas Gold’s remix of ‘I Rise’ is very different, to say the least. He retains mainly the vocals from the original – the chorus and a single stanza. The background beat is a groovy recall to vintage catwalk Madonna, with a touch Gold’s house music. This is no longer an “uplifting anthem”, but a dancy rework of what was a serious song.

One could even say that Thomas Gold is more Madonna than Madonna herself. It has class and it has swagger. An absolute must for your sunset pool-party.

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