Tycho designs “Forecast”, the web app that creates a playlist inspired by your current weather

Tycho designs "Forecast", a web app that will create a playlist inspired by your current weather

Almost one month after the release of his latest album Weather and a few months away from his upcoming world tour, Tycho just announced in one of his Facebook posts the creation of ‘Forecast’.

The project is a web app designed by Tycho himself, also known as ISO50 for his design work. The interface generates original playlists that depend on your local weather conditions.

The web app interface has one main button that allows you to generate the playlist. After locating the user and identifying the local weather, the playlist is created. Two options are available for listening: Spotify and Apple Music. You are then redirected to the chosen platform and given a playlist of 25 tracks. Unfortunately no other listening platform is available yet.

There are two possible results when you generate the playlist. The first one is to have a freshly created playlist under your profile. But you might also notice that the playlist you are listening to has been created by some other person on Spotify.

We don’t know for sure how the app works, but as we have seen until today, there have been many playlists generated. Therefore, if your current weather matches an already existing playlist, you will probably land on it.

Try it out here and find out!