Viral One-Legged Lollapalooza Gatecrasher Gets Ticket From Rapper


Over the weekend a video went viral of over 100 people storming the gates of Lollapalooza. These festival-goers hopped the fences surrounding the venue. With minimal security, it was actually quite well planned and seemed rather easy. However, a one-legged man went viral after he was the only one stopped by security while others continued to run by.

Now being caught seems like such a bummer. All your friends get to see amazing artists while you have to go home early. That was until Rich the Kid saw the video.

He decided to not just hook this man up with a ticket but also a backstage pass! I guess it pays off to get caught doing something illegal, just kidding, it usually doesn’t.

Rich the Kid took to Instagram to show off his new friend. “You tryna be Rich 4 a day or Rich Forever ???” was his caption. And we can imagine he just got himself his biggest fan ever.

Lollapalooza probably didn’t exactly enjoy the promotion of gatecrashers but this is positive vibes all around. Why should he have been the one stopped while others got to run free? We will be tuned in next year to see if more attempt the feat of storming the festival. I am sure Lollapalooza will have more security now that people know.