The Verge Shares Exclusive Look at Eric Prydz’ Holosphere


While Eric Prydz EPIC 6.0 Holosphere turned out to be a one-off show (so far), The Verge was able to take a deep dive with Eric and learn all about the amazing feat in building the massive structure. The 7 minute video show us how the sphere was built and also shows us some real HD footage of it in action during weekend 1.

Eric tells The Verge he loves watching the crowd videos to see it from their perspective. “I wish I was in the crowd”, he says. Don’t we all, and especially after Weekend 2 attendees missed out on the excitement.

The in-depth look doesn’t shy away from the collapse either, tackling it in the beginning before the deep dive began. Eric explains the origins of EPIC and how the goal is to take the latest technology to push live shows ahead of everybody else.

Eric’s team explains the science and the technology behind the sphere itself. They were inspired by the spheres that motorcyclists ride inside of at circuses, sometimes known as the Sphere of Death.

Notable Eric says, people don’t realize when they buy a ticket for a show that’s 2 hours it’s actually been 2 years for our team. Eric’s team said they’re not sure if there will be other Holosphere performances in wake of the Tomorrowland incident, and that the Tomorrowland incident was beyond their control.

Eric says every EPIC show is an evolution as new technology comes out, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.