Alesso & SUMR CAMP – In The Middle


Swedish DJ/Producer Alesso released his new track ‘In the Middle’ featuring SUMR CAMP.

After signing this week into one of the strongest agencies in the EDM industry, The Shalizi Group, Alessandro Lindblad, better known by his stage name Alesso, teased the release of a new track this week. The DJ described the song as ‘House music in full force.’. The song is a collaboration with mysterious producer and now agency fellow, SUMR CAMP. Alesso continues following the road back into progressive house, the genre that turned him into one of the biggest names in the DJ industry.

‘In The Middle’ is a track that resembles many of the songs who have dominated the EDM scene lately. The track is made up of basslines and sounds resembling house and deep house. It also adds great fitting vocals from Portland singer Lizzy Land fusing with an upbeat dance beat. It certainly isn’t one of the explosive progressive house anthems that made Alesso so famous. However, it will undoubtedly be a great addition to the DJ’s sets, both for Club nights and for festivals.

‘In the Middle’ shows that, one thing Alesso knows how to do, is music that can be enjoyed by many. People looking for something on their radio and people looking to spend a whole night dancing, whether it might be a club, a party, or a festival will love this song. After his successful ‘Progresso’ EP, we are sure Alesso is ready to make this year, one of his best years.